This is your personal invitation to join our Giantess Discord: Giantess Amy's Room we are hosting a Giantess Art and Giantess Story contest. You may enter one or both for a chance to win your personal prize from me.

I am AmyGiantess also known as AmyBrooke in the Giantess, GTS, Shrink, and Size Community. I am the Server Owner of Giantess Amy's Room which is the biggest and most active Giantess Size Server on Discord with over 10,500 members. My Discord ID is AmyBrooke#0943.

I am the Founder of DeviantArt Groups: AllArt-R-US over 28,495 members, Creation Is A Must 15,200 members, and Gts-Incorporated 1,520 members. You may submit any of your art and writing to all of my groups on DeviantArt and contact me personally if you want my help on learning social media to get your work the most exposure.

I created a Giantess Interactive Story on named Giantess Amy's Room many years ago if you would like to read or add chapters here:

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